Munich Airport Closed Until Sunday Morning (December 3, 2023) Due To Snowfall

Southern Germany has been enjoying winter weather, including heavy snowfall, which has now closed the Munich Airport for traffic until 6 AM on Sunday (December 3, 2023).

Airlines advise passengers not to arrive at the airport but to check their rebooking status and seek hotel accommodation.

You can access Lufthansa’s page for announcements here.

Note that this affects all airlines operating at Munich Airport, but predominantly Lufthansa, as it is its second hub.

Lufthansa’s Announcement:

Munich Airport closed for arrivals and departures

Due to heavy snowfalls, flight operations @Airport_MUC are cancelled up until tomorrow morning 6:00 am. Lufthansa kindly asks all guests not to travel to the airport and inform themselves online on or on the Lufthansa App about their flight status. Limited flight operations are also to be expected tomorrow.

Due to the airport closure in Munich, many other airports in Germany, including @Airport_FRA are affected with limited flight operations. Lufthansa kindly asks all guests to inform themselves online or on the Lufthansa App about their flight status.

Thank you to all our guests for their understanding in this exceptional weather situation.

Passengers are covered by the EC 261/2004 in case of flight delays and cancellations.

If Lufthansa or any other airline has canceled your flights due to a situation at Munich Airport, you can opt for a refund even if the ticket is non-refundable.

The airlines are required to provide Duty to Care, which means accommodation and meals. You probably need to handle this by yourself and later seek reimbursement from the airline. Remember to keep those hotel and meal receipts.

This likely won’t be entirely resolved by 6 AM on Sunday when airplanes and crews are out of their usual rotations.


It is lovely that Southern Germany gets to enjoy some snowfall, but this has come with some consequences.

Let’s hope the airport will reopen for traffic by Sunday morning so that passengers can be taken care of.

Originally posted 2023-12-02 11:48:06.